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Recently started applying my hot-rod fab' skills to the moto market. Specializing in street legal supermoto build-ups, dual sport conversions and pretty much anything that strays away from the norm. 

Owner: Gene Mosmeyer 

A typical dual sport conversion consists of taking a standard off-road motorcycle and transforming it into a street legal "adventure" bike. Capabilities of the machine depend on the owner's main intentions.

I liked the factory looks of this 1983 CR480R so much that I intended to keep it as original as possible. Nothing was taken away from the high-strung performance or its motocross background. The only alteration that created such a drastic change in its character was the street gearing. It tamed the power of the beast and made it more predictable and more enjoyable to ride....but don't get the wrong idea. A simple routine of standing on the pegs in 3rd gear, and rolling on the throttle will lift the front wheel. More gas=more altitude. The ability to carry a wheelie in 5th gear is still effortless.
There's only one noticeable difference between the MX gearing and the street gearing. The "average" rider would end up getting thrown to the ground within a few minutes, with the prior. Even these old big bore smokers are potent machines and need a cautious throttle hand. 
There is nothing quite as thrilling as having wheelie-on-demand. 

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Saved an old Titan from ending up in a scrap shredder. Brought it back to life and slowly making changes.
Self-built chambers, flat track tail and old Ducati tank will give it a nice unique look.

After initial mock-up, there's countless details to tackle.............. controls, pegs, rewiring, lights & blinkers and not to mention bodywork and paint. There seems to be no end to it all, but eventually it all comes together.
Couldn't wait to hear the bike run, and can't resist posting a vid.
As with many other bikes of the era, it has an oil injection system that feeds oil into the bearings and crank case, and also burning premix in the fuel for added initial lubrication. After sititng for 20+ years, extra oil sure won't hurt anything.

Those who have ridden one, claim that the ultimate sport bike is a supermoto machine. On the flip side of that is a hooligan, basically a sumo set-up with a sport bike wheel set.

The CR480 build didn't even touch the surface of my CR500 project. What started out as a simple CR500 aluminum frame conversion has exploded into a full-on hooligan mod. I came up with more things to change the farther I got into the conversion. The last part that I had to add to the puzzle was a single sided swing arm. With the "SSS" , comes a unique wheel, which Honda still uses on their VFR line.

This build project is an '01 CR125R, part CR500, and part VFR....just not quite sure what to call it. One person over at  the Supermotojunkie forum called it an "SSSSS", single sided swingarm street sumo.
I've referred to it as a super hooligan.

From a modified frame and a pile of custom bits and pieces, to a host of cleaned and painted parts, it's becoming a totally different monster.

Step-by-step picture gallery here:

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